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Speaking on the issues

THE EARTH TIMES/ Istanbul, Habitat II

JUNE 3, 1996


Speaking on the issues


Istanbul—As the official Conference spokesperson at Habitat, Ayman El-Amir has the critical task of presenting to the world media every development and nuance of the conference proceedings.  The work can be daunting, especially when an over zealous security system, set up by the UN and the host country, limits press access to quite a few important events.

In an interview with The Earth Times Sunday, El-Amir spoke about the Department of Public Information’s (DPI) priorities at the Habitat II Conference.

“The first challenge was to ensure we had adequate facilities for only for DPI but for the media.  We wanted to ensure we had all the necessary multimedia facilities, which include radio, television, fax, e-mail and computers.” El Amir said.  The second challenge was to try and deliver all the necessary services both in terms of coverage by DPI, as well as servicing the needs of the media.  “We had to do this with a much reduced staff.”

DPI will have a daily briefing for the press at 12.30 PM at the Lutfi Kirdar Centre.  There will be regular announcements both in print and via electronic mail about all the official and parallel activities taking place.  There will also be a daily news package for distribution to television networks as well as radio networks.  Interviews for journalists with delegates will also be arranged.