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Meeting on Population


Feb 8 1994

Meeting on Population

By Ashali Varma

UNITED NATIONS –Timothy E Wirth, Counselor to the United States, Department of State, is scheduled to speak Tuesday morning at 11 o’clock at the Trusteeship Council Chamber here on “Women, Population and Development: Toward a Consensus and Action.”

The lecture has been arranged by the Earth Pledge Foundation.  Theodore W. Kheel, chairman of the Foundation, said that in recognition of Wirth’s leadership in the international campaigns to alleviate the world’s economic and social concerns, the Foundation with present him with a special print by Robert Rauschenberg.  The print is one of a limited edition of 200 which the internationally renowned artist created to encourage awareness of –and interest in –the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) scheduled to be held in Cairo next September.

Kheel said that Wirth’s lecture, which is expected to last an hour, would be open to all delegates at the current Social Summit PrepCom, UN officials, and representatives of non-governmental organizations.  He also said that media have been invited.  The full text of the Wirth lecture will be reproduced in The Earth Times on Wednesday, Kheel — who is the paper’s publisher –said.  The newspaper is sponsored by the Earth Pledge Foundation, a not-for – profit foundation.

In another development, the Washington-based Centre for Development and Population Activities has invited Kheel to join its “Global Committee for Cairo,” and Kheel said that he had accepted.  The committee –whose honorary co-chairs are Robin Chandler Duke and Wren Wirth–has been formed to highlight the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development, which is scheduled to be held in Cairo next September.

Peggy Curlin, president of CEDPA, said that the centerpiece of the committee’s activity would be a special event during the Cairo Conference honoring Nafis Sadik, Secretary General of the Cairo Conference, and Executive Director of the United Nations population Fund.