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Bob Hirschfield In Remebrance 28 Sept1995


SEPTEMBER 28, 1995

Bob Hirschfield – A Remembrance

Colleague, friend, and advocate

By Ashali Varma

Bob was first and foremost a friend, concerned, compassionate and caring.  As a colleague and editorial director of The Earth Times he gave so much of himself without asking anything in return.  He was always there giving us advice and helping the Earth Times get sorely needed funds, a place to work in and introducing the paper to people who cared about the same issues.

Bob was also one of the most courageous people I have met.  Even when he was sick and recuperating from his heart bypass operation he rarely ever spoke about himself.  Always optimistic, he spoke of returning to work and called often to find out what was going on in the paper and how he could be of help.  He believed in the Earth Times and was genuinely interested in the issues we wrote about: population, poverty, women’s rights and sustainable development.

He passed away before we left for Beijing and there were many occasions when I wanted to pick up the phone and ask him for advice.  I know he would have been proud of what we achieved as a newspaper at the Women’s Conference in Beijing.  I wish he had been there.  Beijing was our tribute to Bob because he cared so much about the issues.

I miss his presence, I have lost a good friend.